Kitsap Lake Baptist Church

Sunday Info

9:00 A.M.      —     Bible study for all ages

Children and Youth classes are divided by age
  • Newborn - Kindergarten meet in the nursery
  • 1st - 6th grade meet as a group downstairs and divide part way (1st-3rd, 4th-6th)
  • 7th - 12th grade meet in the youth room
Adult Classes
  • Adult Class 1 - Led by Bob Hagin.
  • Adult Class 2 - Led by Terry Bryant. This class is currently studying The Gospel of John. This study is being done at the request of the class and is essentially a verse by verse, almost a word by word study. This is the third year of this study, so the movement or pace of study through this gospel is slow. Sometimes it takes two or three Sundays to cover one verse, but nobody seems to complain and every attendee has the opportunity to discuss, answer questions, and provide input for and to the class, which enhances everyone's learning experience. Come join us, your input and discussion will be welcomed. "Thou hast enclosed me behind and before, And laid Thy hand upon me. Such knowledge is too wonderful for me; It is too high, I cannot attain to it" (Psalm 139:5-6), but we are trying.
  • Adult Class 3 - Led by Jeanne Henley, this class is for women only. We are currently doing an in-depth study of Revelation. Everyone is encouraged to share their insights, thoughts, and any information that helps us better understand God's Word. Ladies of any age are welcome. Our class is unique in that we can share together as women and as sisters in Christ. We laugh together, cry together, and most importantly pray together. We would love to have you come join us.
  • Adult Class 4 - Led by Tony Van Liew. We're the people that the other classes have asked not to attend. The miscreants; the ne'er-do-wells; the ones who have ideas that may not mesh well with strict Southern Baptist doctrine, and aren't afraid to talk about it. Maybe a bit rough at times, a bit "unscrubbed", but we love the Truth and God's Word. We start with the current Lifeway curriculum, but that's just our launching point: who knows where we'll end up. I don't teach a lesson, I facilitate a conversation.
  • Adult Class 5 - Led by Ed Jarrett. Our class is focused on developing a deeper understanding of the New Testament text. The overall goal is to better know the scriptures, and in that, to better know God, both intellectually and relationally. We are currently working our way through 1 Corinthians.

10:30 A.M.

Worship Service
Children's church (children are welcome to attend the normal service as well)